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Xyvos Antivirus 1.5 Free Edition

Protecting your system and your identity is now very simple. Read on to understand about the Xyvos antivirus software and its features.

The Xyvos Antivirus 1.5 edition is designed to protect against spywares, malwares, viruses and online threats. The solution is a consolidated package of anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-malware components.

• Improved Reliablity
• Light and hence does not affect performance
• Behaviour based virus detection method
• Free Technical Support system
• Efficient protection against spywares, keyloggers and targeted attacks
• Provides anti-rootkit protection
• High level of USB Protection

Why Xyvos Antivirus?

Efficiency of any anti-virus solution depends on the extent of protection it can provide against intrusions and threats. Most of the traditional antivirus solutions are based on the signature method which can capture and eliminate only known set of viruses and other kind of malwares. This approach is what differentiates Xyvos from other systems.

Xyvos Anti-virus Edition utilizes behaviour-based detection methods which offer a reliable solution against known and unknown threats and attacks. Our program is also fast and reliable which means that you are free from false alarms that are created by most of the other products in the market.

Our antivirus solution is faster than the other traditional approach and is a sure-shot method of protecting your PC.

In a nutshell, Data and Identity security has never been faster and simpler!

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