The operation of the solar tracker

The use of the solar tracker has been on the increase in the recent times. Its market range has spread throughout the whole world in all the continents. As long as there is need for the solar panels, the importance of having the solar tracker has also been established in order to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels. The trackers are mostly installed under the solar panels. The presence of the solar tracker leads to the automatic increase in the collection the solar energy from the sun by the solar panels. It ensures the solar panels are exposed to the sunlight for longer hours thus increasing their capability to collect more energy.

solar_tracker_operationDuring installation the technicians need to factor the direction of the movement of the sun which is the source of energy in relation to the position of the solar panel surface area. They need to ensure that the surface area is able to get as much exposure to the sun as possible. Therefore the solar tracker needs to tilt the panel towards maximum exposure as possible. This requires a lot of skill in areas that experience summer and winter conditions. It is easier for the areas that are not affected by the natural weather conditions like those ones around the equator. It should be noted that the sun’s rotation is 360o yet the surface area of the panel is 180o. With this in mind, it is possible to tilt the solar panel and get the maximum at any time when the sun is exposed. Read more about advancements in solar energy.

The increased efficiency of the solar tracker

The solar panel on its own has the ability to generate a lot of electricity according to its size. This is facilitated by the fact that, it is exposed to the sun at 180o. In order to increase its rate of electricity generation, the installation of the solar tracker is inevitable. This is because the solar tracker is able to hold the panel at a tilted angle as it moves throughout the day within the whole year. Thus it is able to generate more power. More power is needed in large power generating stations and distribution power centers. This simply means that solar trackers are more needed in areas that require more power use than those that need less. For this reason, they are not recommended for home use, since there is no need of large power generations for use in the home. Such areas that may require the use of solar trackers include power distribution centers, industrial power use and power for agricultural uses in the large commercial farms among many others. Also you can take a look at latest in solar technology.

In order to cut on power costs, the commercial entities should invest in solar trackers.…